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Hi there!

I offer a high quality editing and proofreading service for your documents in the life sciences. I have over 20 years of research experience and have been editing professionally since 2023 to help non-English speakers overcome the language barrier and disseminate their ideas. I also successfully completed the Poynter ACES Editing Certificate to ensure that I have the skills to provide a professional service that is highly satisfactory to my clients.

Let me help you improve the following types of documents:

  • University-level term papers
  • Scientific manuscripts and cover letters
  • Grant and fellowship applications
  • Technical documents (e.g., protocols, reports, and more)
  • Abstracts
  • Posters and presentations
  • General non-scientific documents are also welcome

Please also note the following:

  1. The price per page assumes that your document has approximately 300 words per page.
  2. For documents larger than 6000 words, please discuss with me because I may need to adjust the deadline. Quality work requires time.
  3. I charge 25 eur/page (~300 words/page) for a standard editing and proofreading service. I will check for linguistic mistakes, formatting and style, and the flow within sentences.
  4. I charge 33 eur/page (~300 words/page) for substantive editing service. This includes standard editing and proofreading, as well as more in-depth editing work (i.e., check the flow throughout the document, check for missing or misplaced information, and point out any scientific issues I encounter).
  5. If you need support in writing documents rather than editing, please contact me.

Send me an inquiry to discuss the specifics of your needs. I look very much forward to working with you!